Comprender la piel – El pH de la piel

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La piel es multifuncional por excelencia, realizando varias tareas esenciales para nuestro bienestar general.

El papel más importante que cumple es el de barrera protectora entre nuestro cuerpo y el mundo exterior, y el pH de la piel es uno de los mecanismos protectores clave. El pH de nuestra piel cambia constantemente por los agresores externos como la contaminación, los cambios de temperatura y los químicos abrasivos. Los productos de calidad para el cuidado de la piel ayudan a conservar el pH de la piel óptimo, y mantienen y restauran su defensa natural. Esto la vuelve más resiliente, menos sensible y con una mejor capacidad para llevar a cabo su función vital de protección.


Treating the symptoms of impure and acne-prone skin without medication

Skin tolerability and efficacy of the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER range, are clinically proven with acne-prone skin patients.
Regular Cleansing is recommended for acne-prone skin.

Moderate to severe acne may need medical intervention from a doctor or dermatologist but mild comedonal acne can often be treated without medication.

Pharmacists can offer a range of dermo cosmetic care products. These may include:

These can be used on any affected area, whether it’s the face, shoulders, chest or back. They can also be used as adjunctive care to standard medication treatment to counteract side effects such as skin dryness or sun sensitivity.

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Cover Stick helps to cover up pimples.
A healthy diet and lifestyle contributes to healthy skin.

As well as the creams and gels used to treat the symptoms of acne-prone skin, there are also products available that can help mask the physical effects. For example, non-comedogenic make-up can be used to cover up facial blemishes, although it is important to remove it with a gentle cleanser at the end of the day. Men can also use camouflage make-up to tone down redness and give complexions an even tone. Concealers can be used topically on small, affected areas.

Contrary to myth, neither toothpaste nor Aspirin masks are effective in drying up spots. There is no medication evidence to prove either help in any way. In fact, toothpaste contains substances that can irritate and damage your skin.

In addition it is a good idea to eat healthily, stay away from places where skin is exposed to smoke or dirt and, given the psychological effects of impure skin, pursue interests that help improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

A daily cleanse, clear and care routine can take several weeks to take effect so be patient and persevere.

¿Qué es el pH de la piel?

El manto protector de la piel es ligeramente ácido

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