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Eucerin Skin Institute
The first Eucerin Skin Institute opens in Hamburg providing an opportunity to get closer to Eucerin's medical skin care expertise. It offers skin analysis, personal consultation and a range of treatments. For this, Eucerin has developed a very own Skin Code Reader which can determine an individual's unique skin code and then use it to develop highly tailored care and treatment plans.

The heart of Eucerin – Hamburg based Eucerin Haut Institut.


The clinically tested Eucerin Volume-Filler range has been designed to target specific layers of the skin where a loss of volume occurs.
Eucerin AtopiControl products are especially developed for dry and irritable skin and for atopic skin during inactive phases and when flare-ups occur.

Eucerin Volume-Filler
As they get older, consumers realize that wrinkles are not their predominant ageing issue any more. It’s more about sagging skin and loosing facial contours.

For such consumers, Eucerin Researchers have developed the Volume-Filler range of products. Three active ingredients target specific layers of the skin to restore volume and redefine facial contours.

Eucerin AtopiControl
Since the launch of Laceran Omega back in 1994, Omega-6 fatty acids have been proven to be effective for the basic care of atopic skin.

With the discovery of the anti-inflammatory action of Licochalcone A and the anti-bacterial efficacy of Decandiol there was the opportunity to develop a range of products which fulfill the needs of dermatologists and pediatricians: providing effective skin care solutions in all phases of Atopic Dermatitis.

What next?

Beiersdorf Research Center in Hamburg, Germany.
Karin Hannig, Senior Vice President Global Pharmacy Brands.

Today, we are recognized as one of the world’s most trustworthy skin care brands. Our commitment to advanced research and superior product quality is as strong as ever. Our starting point and focus is always on skin, and through a greater understanding of its structure and functions we are looking forward to a future of discovering new actives and ever more effective solutions.

Eucerin’s heritage and past successes continue to motivate and inspire us on a journey of scientific discovery, product innovation and very importantly in close collaboration with dermatologists and pharmacists.

Karin Hannig, Senior Vice President Global Pharmacy Brands.

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